Project title:

Optical properties of selfassembled metallic nanowires matrices

Principal investigator:

prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Jałochowski

Project ID:

7 T11B 049 20

Sources of funding:

State Committee for Scientific Research

Amount of funding:

100 000 PLN

Project duration:



List of the most important publications:


1)     M. Jałochowski, E. Bauer, Self-assembled parallel mesoscopic Pb-wires on Au-modified Si(533) substrates, Progr. in Surf. Sci, 67, 79 (2001).

2)     M. Jałochowski, M. Stróżak, R. Zdyb, Anomalous optical absorption in ultrathin Pb films, Phys. Rev. B66, 205417 (2002).

3)     M. Jałochowski, M. Stróżak, R. Zdyb, Reflectance anisotropy during growth of Pb nanowires on well ordered Si(335) surface, Appl. Surf. Sci. 211, 209 (2003).