Project title:

Electronic conductivity and electronic structure of atomic chains on vicinal Si surfaces

Principal investigator:

prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Jałochowski

Project ID:

N N202 1468 33

Sources of funding:

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Amount of funding:

286 080 PLN

Project duration:



List of the most important publications:


1)     M. Kisiel, K. Skrobas, M. Jałochowski, Photoelectron diffraction effect n the highly ordered Si(557)/Pb surface, Appl. Surf. Sci. 254, 4313 (2008).

2)     A. Stępniak, P. Nita, M. Krawiec, and M. Jałochowski, In and Si adatoms on Si(111)5x2-Au: Scanning tunneling microscopy and first-principles density functional calculations, Phys. Rev. B80, 125430 (2009).

3)     M. Krawiec, Structural model of the Au-induced Si(553) surface: Double Au rows, Pysical Review B81, 115436 (2010).

4)     T. Kwapiński, Tip apex charging effects in tunneling spectroscopy, Phys. E-Low-Dim. Sys. 43, 333 (2010).

5)     M. Krawiec, M. Jałochowski, Array of double Au-Ag chains on the Si(557) surface, Appl. Surf. Sci, 256, 4813 (2010).

6)     T. Kwapiński, M. Krawiec, M. Jałochowski, STM tunneling through a quantum wire with a side-attached impurity, Physics Letters A372, 154 (2008).

7)     T. Kwapiński, S. Kohler, and P. Hänggi, Discontinuous conductance of bichromatically ac-gated quantum wires, Phys. Rev, B79, 155315 (2009).

8)     T. Kwapiński, S. Kohler, and P. Hänggi, Quantum wires with elektron leakage to the substrate, Eur. Phys. J. B78,75 (2010).

9)     T. Kwapiński, Useful equation of tridiagonal matrices in application to electron transport through a quantum wire, - arXiv:0911.2721.

10)  M. Krawiec, Thermoelectric Transport through a Quantum Dot Coupled to a Normal Metal and BCS Superconductor, Acta Phys. Pol, A114, 115 (2008).