Project title:

Atoms diffusion in one-dimensional channels

Principal investigator:

dr hab. Mariusz Krawiec

Project ID:


Sources of funding:

National Science Centre

Amount of funding:

236 480 PLN

Project duration:



List of the most important publications:


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  2. M. Kopciuszyński, P. Dyniec, M. Krawiec, P. Łukasik, M. Jałochowski and R. Zdyb, Pb nanoribbons on the Si(553) surface, Phys. Rev. B 88, 155431 (2013).
  3. A. Podsiadły-Paszkowska and M. Krawiec, Adsorption and diffusion of atoms on the Si(335)-Au surface, Surf. Sci. 622, 9 (2014).
  4. M. Krawiec, Protecting Au-stabilized vicianl Si surfaces from degradation: Graphene on the Si(553)-Au surface, (accepted for publication in Appl. Surf. Sci.)
  5. M. Kopciuszyński, R. Zdyb and M. Jałochowski, Influence of Si(111) surface superstructure on quantum size effect in Au films, (accepted for publication in Appl. Surf. Sci.)
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