ARPES aparaturs

Components of the apparatus

ARPES spectrometer

  • UV source - helium lamp (UVS-300 Specs, Germany),
  • 5-axis sample manipulator (Specs, Germany),
  • hemispherical electron energy analyser with MCP - multichannel plate detector (Phoibos 150 Specs, Germany),
  • Mott spin detector (Specs).

RHEED aparaturs

  • electron gun (homemade S&NP UMCS),
  • fluorescent screen and CCD camera (12 bits).

Sample preparation

  • effusion cells with:
    • Au,
    • Ag,
    • Pb,
    • Bi,
    • Sb,
    • Fe,
  • Si source (sublimating),
  • resistive heating of silicon sample up to 1200 °C,
  • e-beam heating up to 800 °C,
  • liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cooling down to 130 K and 20 K respectively,
  • quartz microbalance,
  • Auger electron spectroscopy - AES.



Read more about ARPES

presentation prepared by M. Jałochowski


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