Components of the apparatus

Scanning tunnelling microscope - Omicron VT-STM

  • electronics - Omicron Matrix,
  • possibility of STM measurements at 30 K (LHe) up to over 750 K,
  • tungsten electrochemically etched tips.

RHEED dyfracion

  • homemade (S&NP) electron gun,
  • fluorescent screen with CMOS camera (14-bit).

 Sample preparation

  • effusion cell with materials:
    • Au,
    • In,
    • Pb,
    • Bi,
    • Sb,
  • resistive  heating of semiconducting samples up to 1500 K,
  • possibility of Pb and In deposition at 30 K,
  • possibility of Pb, Au, Bi and Sb deposition at elevated substrate temperature with simultaneous observation of RHEED pattern,
  • quartz microbalance.




More about STM

presentation prepared by M. Jałochowski


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