Band structure of Si(335) surface

Project title Band structure of Si(335) surface
Principal investigator dr hab. Ryszard Zdyb
Project ID 1 P03B 111 26
Sources of funding State Committee for Scientific Research
Amount of funding 40 400 PLN
Project duration 2004-2005


List of the most important publications: 

  1. M. Kisiel, K. Skrobas, R. Zdyb, M Jałochowski, Band structure of Au monoatomic chains on Si(335) and Si(557) surfaces, Optica Applicata, XXXV (2005).
  2. M. Kisiel, K. Skrobas, M Jałochowski, Angle-resolved photoemission of ultrathin Pb films on Si(111)-(6x6)Au: quantum size effect, Optica Applicata, XXXV (2005).R.
  3. Zdyb, A. Pavlovska, M. Jałochowski, E. Bauer, Self-organized Fe nanostructures on W(110), Surf. Sci. 600, 1586 (2006).


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