Phase transition and doping of atomic chains on Si surface

Project title Phase transition and doping of atomic chains on Si surface
Principal investigator prof. dr hab. Mieczysław Jałochowski
Project ID N N202 330939
Sources of funding Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Amount of funding 236 360 PLN
Project duration 2010-2012


List of the most important publications: 

  1. M. Krawiec and M. Jałochowski, Doping of of the step-edge Si Chain: Ag on a Si(557)-Au surface, Phys. Rev. B82. 195443 (2010).
  2. M. Krawiec, Spin-orbit splitting in the Si(335)-Au surface, Surf. Sci., 609, 44 (2012).
  3. A. Stępniak, M. Krawiec, G. Zawadzki and M. Jałochowski, Electronic stabilization of the Si(111)5x2-Au surface: Pb and Si adatoms, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 24, 095002 (2012).
  4. P. Nita, M. Jałochowski, M. Krawiec, and A. Stępniak, One-Dimensional Diffusion of Pb atoms on the Si(553)-Au Surface, Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 026101 (2011).
  5. P. Nita, G. Zawadzki, M. Krawiec, and M. Jałochowski, Structural and electronic properties of double Pb chains on the Si(553)-Au surface, Phys. Rev. B84, 085453 (2011).
  6. T. Kwapiński, Phase-dependent electron transport through a quantum wire on a surface, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 24, 055302 (2012).
  7. T. Kwapiński, Tip apex charged states in tunneling spectroscopy, Physica E, 43, 333 (2010).
  8. T. Kwapiński, R. Taranko, Spin and charge pumping in a quantum wire: the role of spin-flip scattering and Zeeman splitting, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 23, 405301 (2011).
  9. T. Kwapiński, R. Taranko, Quantum wire as a charge qubit detector, Phys. Rev. A86, 052338 (2012).
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